How big is your vegetation problem? Your best estimate is fine.
This helps us connect you to the nearest herd that is suited to your potential grazing project.

Fun Facts

  • An acre is 43,560 square feet

  • The average single-family residential lot size in the U.S has decreased from 10,000 square feet in 1990 to less than 9000 square feet (0.21 acres) today

  • A tennis court is 0.06 acres

  • A Major League Baseball field is about 2.5 acres

  • A football field is 1.3 acres

  • An NBA basketball court is 0.11 acres

  • The White House fence encloses 18 acres of land

  • About 100 - 115 parking spaces can fit in a one-acre, paved parking lot

  • Noah's ark was believed to be over 100,000 square feet - that's 2.3 acres of floating zoo!


Don't know the acreage? These tips might help:

  • Make your estimate based on just the area needing help from our goats, not the entire property (less than one acre is okay)

  • Refer to your property tax records or deed

  • Use online satellite imagery and mapping tools to plot the area (we like

Still stumped? Take your best guess. We'll make sure you get the right info!