Goat Meat Butcher's Box - Free Shipping!


Goat Meat Butcher's Box - Free Shipping!


The best cuts of the best meat, straight from our local family-owned butcher, ready for your family or your dinner party. Butcher’s box contains:

  • 8 lollipop chops - Frenched rib chops deliver perfectly precious portions of the most tender and flavorful meat. Like lamb chops at your favorite high-end restaurant, but you get the credit.

  • 4 loin chops - Tender, petite t-bone chops perfect for grilling or pan searing.

  • 1 leg roast (bone-in) - Equally appropriate as a statement dish for holiday dinners and entertaining, or for no-hassle slow-roasted family meals when things are hectic.

  • 6 handmade specialty sausages

  • 1 package curry meat - Boneless cubed meat, ideal for traditional curries and stews.

  • 1 shank - Delicious braised as an entree or as the basis of a soup or stew.

9-10 pounds total.

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