Why Meat?

There are some goat rental services that pride themselves on never selling their goats for meat, touting that their goats simply go into “retirement” when they are too old to be used for weed control. We disagree with that approach and made a conscious decision to participate in meat production as well as targeted grazing. In fact, we think it would be irresponsible not to selectively harvest our goats for meat. Here’s why:

We believe that there is no other domestic livestock animal on earth that can so effectively convert low-quality feed into meat. Goats can glean nutrition from plants that other animals will not eat, on land that cannot (or should not) be used for crop production or development. By doing this they add to, not subtract from, the overall nutrition available to feed a growing world population.

And, speaking of the world’s growing population, the demand for meat is not going away. A huge portion of people internationally and a growing portion domestically eat goat as their primary source of protein. If the U.S. can’t meet its own demand - and currently it doesn't - consumers will purchase imported goat meat (negating its environmental benefits) or seek out substitutes that have greater environmental impact. Less goat meat supply is bad for the environment.

Goats can be produced with less environmental impact per pound than virtually any other domestic livestock, but that doesn’t mean zero impact. All agriculture impacts the environment in which it occurs. In order to return the greatest net benefit to the world, the small downside of raising and keeping goats should be countered with its full upside. That means goats need to feed people, not just eat weeds.

Finally, operating a targeted grazing business in the Upper Midwest is not likely to be profitable without the second income stream that comes from the sale of meat goats for food. Without profit, the business cannot exist, and it’s back to herbicides and mechanical equipment for vegetation management.

We have goats available for purchase periodically throughout the year.  If you are interested in goats for meat, please contact us!