Where goats?



  • Clear residential or recreational woodlots of low brush and irritating plants

  • Open hiking paths

  • Reduce nuisances from mosquitos and other pests by thinning dense cover

  • Improve sight lines from your home's windows and outdoor living areas

  • Provide initial clearing for surveying and construction planning

  • Address vegetation problems on steep slopes and rugged ground with minimal erosion

  • Open ground cover and expose desirable plants to sunlight and water

  • Create defensible space against wildfire around homes

Conservation and Government

  • Reduce invasive species in prairies and woodlands

  • Replace mowing/burning in native grassland maintenance

  • Remove dangerous plants from parks and trails

  • Reduce flood potential in drainage channels and waterways

  • Eliminate spraying and mowing of noxious weeds in rights-of-ways

  • Control weeds on steep or rocky slopes without erosion or endangering employees

  • Keep public facilities grounds (e.g. water treatment, retired landfills) neat without machinery

  • Open sight lines for surveying and prep sites for construction

  • Reduce biomass for firebreaks


Businesses and Campuses

Businesses all over the U.S. are using goats as natural landscapers on their campuses. Google, Yahoo, O’Hare Airport, San Francisco's Presidio Golf Course, and other innovative companies have found that goats are not only cost-competitive with conventional vegetation management, they also convey a positive corporate conservation ethic to the public.

Goats On The Go can provide the goats, the fencing, the management, and even the publicity and exposure your vegetation project deserves. Let us help you with a plan that saves you money and helps you achieve your sustainability objectives.