What is a targeted grazing business?

Simply put, a targeted grazing business uses livestock (goats, in our case) to eat unwanted vegetation on customers’ properties. If you become an affiliate you’ll be licensed to use our name, logo, training, and support to provide a similar service in your local territory.

What Are affiliates?

We founded Goats On the Go® in 2012 in Ames, Iowa. We quickly realized that we would need help to provide our service to a larger geographic area, and to do it in a responsible way. We also felt strongly that we would rather help many new ventures start up than employ a large staff scattered around the U.S.

In 2016 we began to develop a family of independently owned-and-operated businesses that provide local targeted grazing service under the Goats On The Go® brand. Affiliates use Goats On The Go's® trademarks and receive training and support from the company's founders and from each other.

How many affiliates are there and where are they located?

Our family of affiliates is growing quickly, roughly doubling in size each year since the program was first offered in 2016. Since we originated in Iowa, it's natural that our initial growth was in the Midwest, but our reach is ever expanding and we hope to have the Goats On The Go® brand represented throughout the U.S. within the next several years. Territories are exclusive, so don't wait to claim yours! Click here for a directory of current affiliates. 

Why own a targeted grazing business?

  • Do meaningful work in sustainable ag and conservation

  • Work outside...with goats!

  • Add value to an existing goat herd

  • Grow a herd from scratch, profitably

  • Add a positive-PR revenue stream to an existing farm or business

  • Be at the forefront of an in-demand industry

Who is behind Goats On The Go®?

You can learn more on the “About Us” section of our website, but briefly, we are two Iowa families who set out on a crazy adventure to make a business of goat grazing in 2012. We’ve been profitable since year one, and we’ve more than doubled our capacity every year since. Everyone in the two families is involved at some level, but most of the daily operations are handled by Aaron Steele and Chad Steenhoek. Chad is a veteran entrepreneur in agriculturally-related businesses, and Aaron has a background in community planning and marketing and holds an MBA from Iowa State University.

What benefits do affiliates get?

Affiliates benefit from the brand momentum of Goats On The Go® that is shared by a growing national family of affiliates. By operating under one brand umbrella many small affiliate businesses have the brand identity of a much bigger company. Affiliates also get...

  • Exclusive territories

  • Training and ongoing support

  • Referrals disseminated through our website

  • Sample promotional tools, sales forms, and contracts

  • Sample pricing structure

...and much more! Click or tap one of the buttons below for more information, or call us at 515-257-6846.

WHat does it cost to be an affiliate, and how much can I make?

Things that are more expensive than Goats On The Go® affiliation:

  • A professionally designed, managed, and hosted website

  • Logo creation and branding by a graphic designer or marketing firm

  • Attorney's fees for Federal registration of a trademark

  • 1,500 authentic Facebook "likes" with the help of a social media consultant

  • Local, regional, and national press exposure with the help of a PR consultant

  • Ill-advised purchases of the wrong fencing and equipment

  • One unhappy customer who posts a negative review

  • One week of pursuing the wrong customers

Revenue potential depends on the drive of the individual affiliate, the quality of the territory, and the number of goats in use. Our current affiliates who are driven and apply the right resources in a promising territory are typically as busy as they want to be and often have waiting lists for their services.

We share more detailed figures with serious inquirers. Please click the button below to complete the request form, or call us at 515-257-6846.

How can I get more information?

There are three ways to get more information about the affiliate program:

  1. Complete the information request form and we'll send you a publication that summarizes the affiliate program, including the costs involved.

  2. Attend a free online webinar from the comfort of your home along with other interested people. These are no-pressure, informational presentations from the founders of Goats On The Go®. You can just listen, or ask questions if you like.

  3. Just call us! We'd love to visit with you - no appointment necessary. 515-257-6846.